Who We Are

Why We’re Doing This:

The authors of this website and these documents are coming from a place of love for the Ukrainian diaspora and for Ukraine. These calls to action exist not because we want to shame or belittle our fellow Ukrainians. Yes, certain individuals express explicitly racist behavior, but the silent majority of Ukrainians believe themselves to be non-racist. That’s why we’re antiracist. As Ukrainian-identifying people, we have a unique experience of marginalization in Ukraine, and we can leverage that experience to fight racism in our new adopted homelands. Indeed, we have a responsibility. Ukrainians in North America and other former colonies are just one stone in a mosaic of winners and losers: of the racially privileged, and the racially disenfranchised.

We are not unique in our role upholding a complex racist society, but we can uniquely fight it. Our silent majority must not be silent any longer. From the neighborhoods we live in, to the officials we endorse, to the schools we attend, to the police we call, to the businesses we patronize, to the soft attitudes we tolerate, every single person in a racist society has a role in maintaining it. The Ukrainian Antiracist Community therefore joins with countless other communities to dismantle the racist foundations of our Western society.

Who We Are:

We are a multi-generational coalition of individuals of Ukrainian heritage, citizenship, and/or affiliation, most of whom are citizens of the United States and Canada. We are a diverse coalition, including professionals, artists, university professors, students, attorneys, doctors, and more who are privileged to have learned, in various spaces, how social and political issues have real-life consequences. Among us are members of choral and dance ensembles, clerics and atheists, members of scouting organizations as well as the unaffiliated. Some of us have fallen away from our families and communities, but many more of us are active and conscious members of our respective communities. You have broken bread with us, studied with us, hiked with us, worshiped with us, and lived alongside us. We are the Ukrainian Antiracist Community.

The authors of the calls to action are among its signatories. We believe the signatories speak for themselves, and they lend credibility to the substance of our demands. But this is not about us, this is about the people who have suffered racial injustice for too long. In the spirit of transparency, feel free to contact us to learn more about what inspired this action and some of the people behind it: hromada@ukrainianantiracistcommunity.com.

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